Newswire: Bachelor In Paradise allegedly shut down over nonconsensual sex acts

While Warner Bros. has yet to elaborate on the “misconduct” that shut down this season of Bachelor spin-off, Bachelor In Paradise, multiple media sources have since alleged that the offending incident involves two contestants engaging in sexual acts on the first day of filming, while the female contestant was too intoxicated to give her consent. Following a complaint reportedly filed by a producer to the studio, production on the show was halted and all cast members sent home, with the possibility of the entire season being scrapped amid Warner Bros.’ internal investigation.

“The show absolutely values the primacy of consent, and in this instance it appears as though conduct allegedly occurred without the proper consent having been given,” a source on the series told People, which also anonymously quotes another cast member who says the other contestants are angry that more wasn’t done to stop the encounter from proceeding …

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