Newswire: B.J. Novak will also help invent McDonald’s in John Lee Hancock’s The Founder

For actors, taking on light-hearted comedy roles can be a fun way to make a few bucks, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a big, meaty Sirloin Third Pounder-type job. That’s presumably what B.J. Novak (best known for playing Ryan on The Office) was thinking when he signed on to appear in The Founder, director John Lee Hancock’s movie about the ascension of McDonald’s executive—but not really founder—Ray Kroc. The Hollywood Reporter says Novak will play a “protege” of Kroc’s who is enjoying his own rise in success. That description seems weirdly vague, though, so maybe THR is covering up the fact that Novak will play Ronald McDonald, or Big Mac inventor Bigbert M. MacDonald. (No relation, also we made that name up.)

Michael Keaton is going to star in The Founder as Kroc, with Laura Dern set to play his …

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