Newswire: Awesome kid destroys $10,000 Lego sculpture

We’ve all looked at those huge, elaborate Lego sculptures that crop up at malls and outside Lego Stores like cube-fashioned mushrooms and thought, “Man, I’d love to take that thing apart,” right? (Alternatively, we might be a bunch of block-hating, chaos-loving sociopaths.) Either way, one Chinese gradeschooler recently lived that beautiful, destructive dream, demolishing a statue from Disney’s recent hit film Zootopia, which reportedly cost $10,000 in parts and took 72 hours to build.

(Photo: via

The statue’s creator, reported by the BBC as Mr. Zhao, posted pictures of the Lego Nick Wilde, Jason Bateman’s fox character from the film, before and after Hurricane Nine-Year-Old swept through a Chinese mall and smashed it to bits. He also said that he won’t be charging the kid—who apparently crawled under the ropes around the statue, ignoring the world’s least …

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