Newswire: Avengers: Infinity War to be filmed entirely in IMAX, why not, they’ve got the money

There’s an old truism about Hollywood entertainment: Spending more money to make a movie always improves it. Exhibit A? Titanic. Exhibit B? Battleship. Honestly, who can even tell those two movies apart, given they’re both about boats and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to produce and market? And now that the Russo brothers have been put in charge of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War films, they are already dropping some serious coin on just the cameras being used to make the two films. Marvel announces that the two-part comic saga will be the first films shot completely with IMAX cameras.

The IMAX /ARRI 2D digital cameras being used for the films will be employed by the Russo brothers for certain action sequences in their upcoming Captain America: Civil War, so they should be well-versed in the technology by the time Infinity War rolls around. That seems like …

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