Newswire: Ava DuVernay isn’t making Black Panther, so fire up the director rumor mill

Well, that was a fun couple of months. Back in May, we reported Marvel was courting Selma director Ava DuVernay to helm either the upcoming Black Panther or Captain Marvel film. Then, last month, rumor had it she signed on to direct Black Panther. Now, it looks like that last one was at least partially true: Variety reports DuVernay met with Marvel execs about the Chadwick Boseman-starring film, but will not be directing it. So let’s get the rumor machine started again, because let’s face it: there’s a lot of directors out there, and they’re not going to start rumors about their involvement themselves, people. (Well, most of them won’t—sit down, Uwe Boll.)

DuVernay said she wasn’t able to come to an understanding with the studio about a vision for the film. “I loved meeting Chadwick and writers and all the Marvel execs …

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