Newswire: Audrey Hepburn’s script from Breakfast At Tiffany’s is one thing this auction’s got

if you have unlimited means and are a huge fan of Breakfast At Tiffany’s, you may be in luck: BBC News has announced that the personal collection of Audrey Hepburn is about to be auctioned off. In September, Hepburn’s items—including “unique personal objects which have never before been seen on the market”—will go up for auction at Sotheby’s, including an annotated script from her iconic film. There’s also a Burberry trenchcoat, a selection of her signature ballet pumps, portraits, and personal letters, including a “letter from Tiffany’s author Truman Capote and a cigarette lighter—engraved ‘For My Fair Lady’—which she received from that film’s art director.”

Hepburn died in 1993 at the age of 63. Previous auctions of Hepburn’s belongings have netted extremely high prices, like a collection of letters last year that went for £11,250, more than twice …

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