Newswire: AT&T is making a scripted series for Snapchat about superheroes

Snapchat is so much more than a way to send dick pics, with millions of young users enjoying the ephemeral social media platform, and billions of investment dollars betting that this can somehow generate profit. And yesterday, Snapchat announced a partnership with a dozen or so media companies and notified its users of the “Discover” button, which connects Snapchatters with short stories from media outlets that exist for 24 hours on Snapchat before disappearing forever. Now it’s moving into the original content realm: Today, AT&T announced SnapperHero, an upcoming superhero series that will exist primarily on Snapchat. AT&T has selected several people, each with a huge social media presence, to crowdsource ideas for the series—ideas that will include things like superhero powers and origin stories, according to producer Billy Parks.

SnapperHero will launch in early 2015, with 12 episodes contained to four weeks on Snapchat. Like user stories …

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