Newswire: Assholes of Mad Men’s McCann pay dividends for real-life McCann

The maxim that there’s “no such thing as bad publicity” is being put to the test by the McCann advertising agency (fittingly enough), which is making hay of its villainous role in Mad Men‘s final season. As regular viewers of the TV series know—and as irregular viewers might not want to know yet, so if that’s you, hit your back button now instead of making a stink later—this final half-season has seen McCann absorb Sterling Cooper & Partners into its vast corporate structure. The transition has not gone well, mostly because the McCann-Erickson depicted on Mad Men is a soulless, misogynistic hell where creativity goes to die.

In the real world of today, McCann has a sense of humor about being the prestige-TV mascot for everything wrong with advertising, capitalism, and humanity. More specifically, McCann’s social media guy has a sense of humor about …

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