Newswire: Asked why he’s never signed a female rapper, Rick Ross gives the old “worried he’d fuck her” defense

Legally troubled rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross gave an interview to Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” today, touching on many moments of his varied, occasionally arrested career. One moment—focusing on how he handles personnel management at his businesses—stood out, though, as reported on by Pitchfork. When asked by co-host Angela Lee why his label Maybach Music Group had never signed a female rapper, Ross responded with a pretty standard music industry deflection: He’s worried he’d inevitably have sex with the talent in question.

“You know, I never did it because I always thought, like, I would end up fucking a female rapper and fucking the business up,” Ross said, and it’s worth pointing out that at no point in this frank discussion of human resources protocol does Ross indicated that he’d try to have sex with his employee. In Ross’ world, apparently …

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