Newswire: Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks it would be cool to play another Batman villain

Now that he no longer has the burden of selecting The Celebrity Apprentice, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s schedule is pretty clear. The actor occasionally idles away time by trading tweets with the president, and assuring Terminator fans that the franchise isn’t dead yet. Schwarzenegger wouldn’t turn down a movie role either, though he is abstaining from signing up with The Expendables again until Sylvester Stallone changes his mind about ditching the franchise. The property Schwarzenegger seems most eager to return to is in comic-book land, as the actor tells Fandango it’d be (n)ice to play another Batman villain.

Unlike George Clooney, Schwarzenegger hasn’t been put off from Batman movies because of his appearance in Batman & Robin. He tells Fandango he’d “absolutely” take on another antagonist role in a future film.

I think all of those movies, if they’re written well, they’re entertaining …

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