Newswire: Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks Donald Trump is in love with him

Arnold Schwarzenegger has an interesting relationship with his beloved Republican party these days. He’s been a proud member of the GOP ever since he came to America, but he openly declared last year that he would not vote for Donald Trump in the presidential election. Since then, Schwarzenegger has shown a bit more willingness to back Trump’s policies, suggesting that the original Muslim ban’s problem was that it was “hasty” (and not that it was racist), but Trump still inexplicably feels the need to get into little feuds with him. He’s been sniping at Schwarzenegger over the low ratings of the new Celebrity Apprentice for a while, and when Schwarzenegger announced that he would be leaving the show, Trump felt the need to get on Twitter and claim that Schwarzenegger had actually been fired—a claim that Schwarzenegger emphatically denied with a fiery tweet of his …

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