Newswire: Aric confronts his greatest enemy in this X-O Manowar #2 exclusive

X-O Manowar is the flagship title of Valiant Comics. When the new Valiant debuted in 2012, X-O Manowar was the first series released, and that volume ran for 50 issues, the longest run of any recent Valiant book. It was only a matter of time before Aric of Dacia and the Shanhara armor made their way back to the ongoing spotlight, and they return in next week’s X-O Manowar #1, which takes a drastically different approach to the title character. Writer Matt Kindt is Valiant’s most valuable player, and he’s taking the property into the future and off of Earth with this new series, revealing a grizzled, brooding Aric that has started a new life for himself as a farmer on an alien planet. Working with artist Tom├ís Giorello, a veteran of Dark Horse’s Conan comics with a skill for fantasy spectacle and brutal action, Kindt …

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