Newswire: Archer’s producers want Jon Hamm’s body—phrasing!—for a possible film

Archer just finished its seventh season on FX, ending its Los Angeles sojourn with a definitive bang. (You can read our review of the cliffhanger-heavy finale right here.) And while the show’s fate is currently up in the air—with ratings dropping every season for the last few years, and the seventh the lowest-rated the show’s ever had—producers Adam Reed and Matt Thompson are still hatching plans for the future.

That’s per a recent Daily Beast interview with Thompson, who says the show’s creative team has been moving up and down—phrasing—on the idea of a feature film version of the show, which would probably go into motion after Archer goes off the air. “It’s all up to whatever Adam [Reed] wants, to do, but he and I have definitely talked about it,” Thompson said, adding that the discussion about a movie comes …

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