Newswire: Arby’s will miss Jon Stewart most of all

Jon Stewart—or someone on the Daily Show writing staff, anyway—has always had a special vendetta against Arby’s, describing it at various points as “technically food,” “shock and awe for your bowels,” and “a dare for your colon.” (Yes, but those curly fries!) This has not gone unnoticed by Arby’s, which recently released a video saying farewell to the departing Daily Show host, whose last episode airs tonight. Compiling the low blows Stewart has leveled at the fast-food behemoth over the years, the video is further proof that whoever runs the Arby’s PR department has a good sense of humor about themselves. (See also: The continued existence of the Nihilist Arby’s Twitter account.) The beef ends tonight, but the beef and cheddar will remain in our colons forever.

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