Newswire: Arby’s has hunters in crosshairs with its deer meat sandwiches

It’s deer-hunting season, and Arby’s wants in. The fast-food chain is testing a new venison sandwich in select locations that, according to Arby’s Brand President and Chief Marketing Officer Rob Lynch, is “100 percent deer meat.” Yup, no imitation-Bambi or 50-50 meat blends here.

Specifically, the venison sandwich will contain premium-cut top and bottom round steaks from the hind quarter of the deer. Arby’s is really gunning to please its hunter clientele lately: The venison sandwich is part of the chain’s new “It’s Meats Season” marketing campaign aimed at celebrating the start of hunting season.

“Bringing venison to our menu also allows us to continue to set ourselves apart from the competition when it comes to proteins,” Lynch said. “You simply can’t find this at other restaurant chains.”

It’s true. Arby’s has been a long-time standout in the meats department when …

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