Newswire: Apple tells people how much its computer jewelry will cost

Apple CEO Tim Cook presided over the company’s latest media event in San Francisco today, unveiling an exclusive HBO streaming debut, a skinny laptop, and new details about Apple’s upcoming line of wristwatches that—get this—have computers in them.

After announcing the HBO Now deal, Cook brought Apple marketing executive Phil Schiller on stage to talk about a new MacBook that is thinner than the previous model, which was thinner than the previous model, and so on all the way back to the UNIVAC (a computer that Apple likely would have described as “25 feet thin”).

Beyond the size and light weight of the two-pound laptop, the most notable feature of the new MacBook is its dearth of ports. As had been rumored, this MacBook consolidates power, video, and USB data ports into one versatile USB Type-C port. (There’s also a standard headphone port on the …

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