Newswire: Apple teams up with Dr. Dre, again, for its first scripted TV series

Relying, as ever, on Dr. Dre to be its Chronic-slinging pop culture Sherpa, Apple is moving into the TV-making business with the Beats-founding billionaire. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the tech giant is working on a “top-secret,” sex-and-violence-filled drama titled Vital Signs with the Compton rapper, which will be its first step into the world of TV production.

Intended to be “semi-autobiographical” (because apparently one blockbuster retelling of his life story wasn’t enough), each half-hour episode of the show will focus on one emotion and how Dre deals with it—a structure that definitely won’t get super depressing and upsetting when the series gets to its “Anger” episode. But despite Apple’s usual “the year 2250, as designed by calm optimists” aesthetics, the series doesn’t seem to be shying away from R-rated material; according to the Reporter, shooting has already completed on at least one “extended …

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