Newswire: AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” guy now welcomes you to his Uber

If you’ve ever used America Online and you’re still with us, god bless, you’ll recognize Elwood Edwards’ voice. During the 1990s, it was Edwards who bid you a “Welcome” in from the howling winds of your modem connecting—his mutedly enthusiastic, oddly clipped “You’ve got mail” the sound of your existence being validated, his chipper “File’s done” the cue to awaken from your six-hour slumber and bask in the glory of the photo you downloaded. You might have assumed that Edwards had since retired to live out his glory days in the Internet Museum, cybersexing Ask Jeeves. But it turns out that, just like your old AOL account, Edwards is still out there picking up seedy strangers. Only this time he’s doing it as an Uber driver in Ohio.

Edwards’ new role of ferrying people across the Information Superhighway that is the street was …

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