Newswire: Antoine Fuqua is making a Training Day TV series

Possibly sick of spending the last 15 years as “The Training Day guy” no matter how many times he tries to make The Equalizer a going concern, director Antoine Fuqua is finally steering into the skid. Fuqua announced today that he’s teaming up with Jerry Bruckheimer and Warner Bros. TV for a TV adaptation of the 2001 Oscar-winning film. Fuqua will executive produce the series and most likely direct the pilot, establishing a visual tone for all the subsequent scenes where a roguish older cop gets his younger partner high on angel dust, or “Ashy Larry” as it’s known on the sketch-comedy streets.

The original film starred Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington, the latter of whom won an Oscar for his role as increasingly deranged LAPD detective Alonzo Harris. Deadline is reporting that the new series, which will take a slower approach to the steadily worsening relationship between …

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