Newswire: Anti-hologram sentiments plague another Chief Keef concert

Rapper Chief Keef’s plan to revolutionize the concert business by replacing human performers with holographic replacements hasn’t been going especially well. First, Keef tried to put on a holographic benefit concert in Chicago in July but couldn’t because of some outstanding warrants, so he moved it across the border to Indiana. Apparently Chicago’s authority extends outside of Illinois, though, because the city was also able to convince the concert organizers in Indiana to pull the holographic Keef off-stage (metaphorically) after only one song. The next hiccup in his futuristic concert plan came on Friday night, when Keef was supposed to holographically perform in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. According to Billboard, all three performances were shut down early, with the L.A. one (which Billboard attended) sounding like a particularly big mess. For starters, the show had to pull out of its original venue at …

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