Newswire: Anthony Hopkins to bring some class to Transformers 5

Hey, remember when the name Anthony Hopkins was synonymous with quality? Well, that narrative has officially been compromised, as Variety reports that Hopkins has joined the cast of Transformers 5. Details on Hopkins’ role are currently being kept under wraps, but we’re assuming that director Michael Bay won’t be incorporating American flag bikinis and waterfalls into his wardrobe. (Hopkins is British, you see.)

We do know that Mark Wahlberg will return as the absurdly named Cade Yeager, and that the fifth-quel (cin-quel?) was written by a team led by Akiva Goldsman, another man whose name is synonymous with quality if you only look at part of his resume. Whether Mel Gibson was offered the part before Hopkins eventually took it is also currently unknown.

The man, the myth, the legend – help us welcome Sir Anthony Hopkins to the #transformers universe.

— #TRANSFORMERS (@transformers) June 3 …

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