Newswire: Ansel Elgort might star in that Dungeons & Dragons movie

Ansel Elgort—whose name actually kind of sounds like an entry in the old Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual (“Stars in weepy teen cancer dramas. Resists psionics”)—is apparently in talks to star in the latest attempt to turn the venerable role-playing game into a workable film franchise. The Fault In Our Stars lead is the first actor up for major consideration for a part in the movie, although actual paladin and tabletop gaming nerd Vin Diesel has expressed interest in the project in the past.

Produced by Warner Bros., the new movie would be the second major try at a Dungeons & Dragons live-action film, after the disastrous mess Jeremy Irons and Marlon Wayans made of the concept in 2000. (That critical miss has been followed over the years by direct-to-TV, and direct-to-DVD sequels, released in 2005 and 2012, respectively.) The franchise has also been adapted into a Saturday …

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