Newswire: Another writer drops out of Sandman, says it “needs to go to TV”

The big-screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman has had a lot of issues getting going, most recently when the project’s biggest champion and possible star Joseph Gordon-Levitt suddenly dropped out. He said at the time that he and the studio—New Line Cinema—simply couldn’t “see eye to eye” about what the film could be or should be, so he figured it was best to just leave altogether. Weirdly, Gordon-Levitt’s announcement came right alongside news from New Line that it had hired a new screenwriter for the Sandman film, with the timing seeming to imply that this new guy—Eric Heisserer—would do whatever it was that Gordon-Levitt didn’t agree with.

Now, though, Heisserer has also dropped out of the Sandman film, explaining that he also doesn’t think it’s going to work as the movie that New Line wants it to be. That …

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