Newswire: Another Michael Crichton adaptation is in the works

It’s been 14 years since Richard Donner’s Timeline thrilled audiences with how bad and forgettable it was, and now it seems like the world is ready for another big-screen Michael Crichton adaptation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Joachim Ronning is talking with Amblin Entertainment about taking on Micro, an adaptation of a Crichton book about a group of graduate students who go to Hawaii to work for—what else?—a “mysterious biotech company” that ends up shrinking them and throwing them out into the rain forest. Basically, if Rick Moranis is willing to come out of retirement, they could call it Honey, I Shrunk The Grad Students.

Ronning is one of the two directors on the upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, having previously made the Oscar-nominated Kon-Tiki with his regular directing partner Espen Sandberg in 2012. The Micro screenplay was written by …

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