Newswire: Another former Fox News anchor is speaking out against Roger Ailes

Both Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes may be gone from Fox News, but the things they allegedly did to get fired in the first place haven’t simply disappeared along with their careers. Earlier this month, we reported that former Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky had filed a lawsuit against the network for supposedly denying her a “deserved promotion” because she wouldn’t have sex with Ailes—who was the network’s president at the time—and now Variety is reporting that another former anchor has stepped forward with allegations against Ailes.

Alisyn Camerota works for CNN now, but she was a reporter and weekend anchor with Fox News for over a decade. Speaking with CNN’s Brian Stelter, she said she was “targeted by Ailes,” and specifically stated, “Yes, Roger Ailes did sexually harass me.” Camerota says Ailes “could be quite charismatic” and “uproariously funny,” but he’s …

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