Newswire: Another arrest made in Expendables 3 case, surprisingly still not the director

The mission to hunt down the nefarious villains responsible for leaking an advance copy of geriatric actors holding large prop guns has claimed yet another victory. Deadline reports that a man in the U.K. has been arrested in connection with the online leak of The Expendables 3 that damaged U.S. distributor Lionsgate’s profits. Surprisingly, however, Sylvester Stallone and director Patrick Hughes remain free despite their contributions to the poor reception of the film.

The man who allegedly uploaded Sly Stallone’s Retirement Community Fantasy Camp to the internet was arrested as part of a joint investigation between U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcements, the U.K.‘s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit, and the badass mercs of the Motion Picture Association Of America. This makes the third person apprehended in association with this case; the first two were arrested back in November of last year. While the …

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