Newswire: Anohni is taking a 110-mile walk through the desert to protest a uranium mine

In two days’ time, Anohni, the avant-garde lead singer of Antony and the Johnsons, is going on an eight-day, 110-mile walk across the Western Australian desert. On the walk, Anohni will be accompanied by more than 100 of the native Martu people whose home covers a broad swath of the western Australian desert. This is all in response to a government-approved plan to build a uranium mine within 50 miles of the Martu community of Parnngurr.

In 2013, Anohni spent 10 days living with the Martu. She has since campaigned to raise awareness of the marginalized Martu community by singing at special events and donating concert proceeds to their cause. The walk is a high-profile protest meant to shine a spotlight on the potential open-cart uranium mine, a project being funded by Cameco and Mitsubishi.

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Anohni’s connection to the Martu feels spiritually in line with the political …

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