Newswire: Anna Kendrick is mad that Independence Day 2 recast Mae Whitman’s part from the original

Earlier this week, we reported that It Follows’ Maika Monroe had been cast as President Bill Pullman’s daughter in Independence Day 2. This seemed like pretty standard news, since Monroe has been riding a solid hype wave after her performance in 2014’s The Guest. Also, we’re talking about Independence Day 2 here, so the cast is really secondary to seeing some landmarks get blown up anyway.

However, this being the internet, there will always be somebody who gets mad about stuff, and a twitter user named “AnnaKendrick47” is pissed about this casting news:

What the actual fuck? @maebirdwing is talented as hell, and JUST proved she can carry a film. Smh.

— Anna Kendrick (@AnnaKendrick47) April 28, 2015

Apparently, AnnaKendrick47 is actually famous person Anna Kendrick, and she’s offended on behalf of Mae Whitman (yes, her) because Whitman played President Bill Pullman’s …

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