Newswire: Ann Coulter cruelly inconvenienced after Delta asks her to switch seats on flight

Back in April, United Airlines pulled off one of the worst PR moves in recent history when it forced a man to give up his seat on a flight and then proceeded to literally drag him back to the gate—busting his lip and causing a gruesomely bloody display in the process. For most people, it was easy to sympathize with the guy who had blood all over his face just because he didn’t want to give in to the whims of a tyrannical corporation, but some people found it surprisingly easy to side with the villains. Unsurprisingly, one such person was Ann Coulter, and after she learned that the man was a doctor who immigrated from Vietnam, she offered a bone to her racist Trumper fans and declared that the man should be deported:

Sorry about the dragging, but the convicted pill-mill doctor should be deported. Dreamland https …

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