Newswire: Animator Bill Plympton turns to Kickstarter to fund his latest movie

Two-time Oscar nominee Bill Plympton is turning to Kickstarter to finance his eighth feature-length film. Deadline reports that the animator is looking to raise $100,000 to back Revengeance, a neo-noir styled feature influenced by films like The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, and Inherent Vice. Jim Lujan wrote the script, which follows the misadventures of “a low-rent bounty hunter named Ron Rossi, the one-man posse.” Lujan describes the story like so:

He gets entangled with this job with from an ex-biker, ex-wrestler, now U.S. Senator named Senator Deathface and he wants Ron to find something that was stolen and he needs to find the girl that stole it.

Plympton will still draw each cel by hand, then give them to his support staff to scan and color. His fellow animator Lujan will do most of the voices, with Kids In The Hall’s Dave Foley also signed on to …

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