Newswire: Animal Collective played a concert just for two underage fans

Under normal circumstances, a couple of teenagers being denied entry to a concert for being underage would end in nothing more than heartbroken free-verse poetry. Not so when the concert in question is Animal Collective: The quirky psychedelic pop band apparently discovered too late that the venue they booked in Edmonton, Canada would not admit patrons under 18. “We tried to find another venue but nothing else could work,” the band explained on its official Twitter account. “If you’re under 18, please email for info on what we’re trying to do for you.”

Surprisingly, only two kids responded to that request. And those two, Savanna and Cameron, were the recipients of a private concert held during the band’s pre-show soundcheck, Consequence Of Sound reports.

As you can see, the band outnumbered the audience during this performance. That usually only happens at punk shows.

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