Newswire: Andrew W.K. somehow parties his way onto Glenn Beck’s radio network

It must be tiring to be Andrew W.K. He can never go out, catch a band, maybe have a couple of beers, and be home by midnight. No, the second he steps into the room, suddenly it’s all positive partying and motivational speeches until the break of dawn. And because a hard-partying wild man is nothing if he’s not unpredictable, W.K. announced today that he’s hosting a radio show on Glenn Beck’s multimedia network TheBlaze, prompting party dudes across the nation to pause mid-beer can crush and say, “wait, what?”

Called America W.K., the radio show will air on Saturday afternoons and will feature the “Party Hard” singer discussing “meaning, motivation, mindset, and making dreams come true, all included in a celebration of life itself–and all with a positive and honest outlook,” according to the press release. W.K. will also take …

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