Newswire: Andrew Dice Clay is finally famous enough for an autobiographical sitcom

For a few weeks in the ‘80s, Andrew Dice Clay was the hottest comedian in the world. Bolstered by what a publicist would probably call an “outrageous personality,” Dice built a successful comedy career out of wearing leather jackets, adding bad words to nursery rhymes, and complaining about women. Since then, though, Dice has tried to reclaim his former glory by getting banned from MTV, appearing on Entourage, and somehow having a role in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. Apparently one of those things worked, because Dice has now broken back into the mainstream and he’s finally getting one of those semi-autobiographical sitcoms that comedians are so crazy about.

That comes from Variety, which reports that Showtime has just picked up a six-episode order for the appropriately named Dice. Also appropriately, the series will portray Dice as a man who is trying to “reclaim his former stature as a …

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