Newswire: And now Trump is also ruining Veep

Donald Trump, a burst gallbladder spreading its orange bile through the body politic, has already become a crippling infection on our faith in democracy, our trust in the media, and the simple ability to talk to one another. And now he’s also ruining the things we actually care about—like HBO’s Veep, whose political satire once seemed so bitterly, blackly comic, yet now feels quaintly naïve. “It makes everything harder,” Veep‘s executive producer David Mandel says in a new Los Angeles Times profile, which asked the showrunners of three politically themed series—including Madam Secretary and Designated Survivor—to see how the current Friedberg & Seitzer Election Movie spoof is affecting their work. Not surprisingly, they’re all having a little trouble keeping up.

Mandel’s assertion that “Most likely we’d all be fired if we wrote a tenth of what has happened thus far” isn …

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