Newswire: And now there’s an Indiegogo campaign to overthrow North Korea

In an attempt to do what the CIA, Sony, and Vice could not, a “covert multi-national group” of activists calling itself Freedom Now has launched an Indiegogo campaign to topple the government of North Korea. The group is hoping to raise $10 million for its activities, which will include establishing an underground communication network in the Communist dictatorship as well as a bunch of super cool spy stuff they can‘t tell you about right now. Rewards include signed certificates of thanks for $10, $50, and $100, the (symbolic) rank of Sergeant in the North Korea Pro-Democracy Resistance for $500, the opportunity to have your name carved into a statue in North Korea for $5,000, and the film rights to the story for $1.1 million. (All rewards are contingent on the success of the campaign/coup.)

As of this writing, the group has raised $60. Meanwhile, The Interview …

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