Newswire: And now Pez dispensers are getting their own movie

In a move that, with any luck, will lead to a shared universe with the emoji movie and the Play-Doh movie, the curse of The Lego Movie has finally reached the humble Pez dispenser. Variety reports that Envision Media Arts is developing a feature film based on Pez candy, which was invented 88 years ago in Austria and has been leaving a chalky aftertaste in the mouths of naive youngsters ever since.

The movie will be animated, presumably to spare more sensitive viewers the nightmare-inducing experience of watching some actor in a mo-cap suit slowly detaching their head from their neck to expose a neatly stacked tower of slightly stale sugar lumps where their internal organs should be. Given Pez’s long history of releasing pop-culture themed dispensers, this could be a fun opportunity to have iconic characters, from R2-D2 and C-3PO to the Minions, interact in a fantastic—if …

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