Newswire: An Oscar-winning writer returns to DC in this The American Way exclusive

10 years ago, writer John Ridley and artist Georges Jeanty teamed up to create The American Way, a miniseries for DC Comics’ defunct Wildstorm imprint that explored race relations in 1960s America through a government-sanctioned superteam that just gained its first black hero. It was a smart, exciting title that showed what Ridley and Jeanty could do when given the opportunity to create a new superhero concept, and in a surprising move, DC‘s Vertigo has revived the book for a new story set in the ’70s. Ridley’s profile has significantly grown in the past decade, in which he won an Academy Award for his 12 Years A Slave screenplay and created the Emmy-nominated TV series American Crime, and bringing him back to comics is a major get for DC. He reunites with Jeanty to explore the next phase of Jason “The New American” Fisher’s superhero career, and …

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