Newswire: An official Bob’s Burgers cookbook is coming

In a piece of news that will likely have Bob’s Burgers fans singing Linda Belcher’s joyful Thanksgiving song, an official Bob’s Burgers cookbook is on its way. The illustrated book will be a collaboration between show creator Loren Bouchard, who will supply the artwork, and Cole Bowden of The Bob’s Burger Experiment, who will supply the recipes. Since 2013, Bowden has been taking the punny titles of Bob’s Burger of the Day and creating real burgers, which he documents on his cooking blog.

According to NPR, Bouchard had been a longtime fan of Bowden’s culinary work but didn’t want to reach out and interfere with his creative process. (Bouchard cites Star Trek‘s “Prime Directive” as his prevailing moral philosophy.) Eventually, Bowden emailed the creator in hopes of getting the burger titles in advance so his recreations could go up immediately after the …

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