Newswire: An investigative journalist has solved one of the last remaining Star Wars mysteries

There he was in Mos Eisley Cantina: tall, dark, mysterious. Those raised eyebrows, the black spacesuit, the impressive sideburns. BoShek could have been Han Solo—they did share a certain ’70s greasiness—but he deferred Ben Kenobi’s charter to Chewbacca. Perhaps he asked too many questions, or didn’t want to get caught up in any Imperial entanglements. (According to the 1981 NPR Dramatization Of Star Wars, the Corellian Spacer had already made a deal to raise ship that night with some other passengers.) It wasn’t BoShek’s destiny to get tied up with the dysfunctional Skywalkers, and he was never seen again—and neither was the actor who played him. In a fandom where anyone who’s ever donned a Stormtrooper costume can charge $25 for an autograph at Wizard World, BoShek remained a mystery—until now.

Billy Jensen, an American journalist and producer who focuses on …

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