Newswire: An Avengers toy cut Black Widow out of one of her coolest scenes

How great was that scene in Avengers: Age Of Ultron where Hawkeye was chasing Ultron in a Quinjet, and then Captain America dropped out of the bottom of the jet on a motorcycle and zoomed off to save the day like a total badass? Super cool, right? Oh, you don’t remember that scene? Well, that’s weird, because this Avengers toy remembers that scene:

And so does this Lego Avengers toy:

The Lego set shows Black Widow flying the jet, but otherwise they both clearly depict Captain America dropping out on a motorcycle. Obviously, something so awesome could only be accomplished by a super-soldier man like Cap, so why are we all having so much trouble remembering this scene in the movie?

Oh, wait. It’s probably because the scene happened completely differently in the movie: Captain America was getting tossed around by Ultron, so Hawkeye flew in with …

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