Newswire: An anti-piracy firm is going after all pixels on behalf of the movie Pixels

Just when we thought Adam Sandler’s Pixels had stopped hurting people, it has reared its ugly head once again. According to TorrentFreak (via Kotaku), an anti-piracy group working on behalf of Columbia Pictures—which distributed Pixels—issued a big stack of DMCA notices to video streaming site Vimeo, demanding that it take down a bunch of videos that it claims infringe on Columbia’s Pixels-related copyright. Oddly, though, most of the videos don’t actually have anything to do with the movie, they just use the word “pixels” in their name or description. (Fun history lesson: “Pixels” were a thing long before they were used as the name of an unpopular movie!)

Of the affected videos, there’s an indie short called “Pixels” that has nothing to do with living video game monsters from 2006, a music video for a band called The Pixels that some guy made …

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