Newswire: Amy Winehouse’s dad is just going to make his own movie

A few months ago, we reported that Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch, was upset over how he and his family were portrayed in director Asif Kapadia’s Amy documentary. He disagreed with the film’s depiction of him as “not being there to help Amy” when she needed help, suggesting that the family inadvertently factored into her death. He said that Amy “could have been terrific” otherwise, but he and the rest of the Winehouse family quickly distanced themselves from it. Ultimately, Kapadia stood by the film, and—as our own review noted—“Mitch doesn’t come off well.”

Mitch Winehouse refuses to leave it at that, though, and The Hollywood Reporter says that he has pledged to make his own documentary as a response to Amy. His latest issue is that he gave “thousands of interviews” to Kapadia, who then decided to cut out all of the ones that …

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