Newswire: Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman to host crafting competition on NBC

According to Deadline, old Parks And Recreation buddies Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are teaming up again for a new show. It’s called The Handmade Project, and though that name makes it sound a bit like an off-brand version of Hulu’s Margaret Atwood series, it’s actually a competition reality show for NBC based on making crafts. Poehler and Offerman will host the show, and they’ll provide feedback on the contestants’ creations alongside a panel of “expert judges.” As for those creations, the people competing on the show will come from “all walks of life,” and they’ll be tasked with completing projects from different themes and across different crafting disciplines.

In a statement, Offerman said that people who know how to make things are his “favorite kind of folk,” and he’s “tickled pink to have a front row seat at this prodigious display of talent …

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