Newswire: Amy Landecker gives us the unfortunate story of her role in Doctor Strange

We recently interviewed Transparent‘s Amy Landecker for our Random Roles feature, and during that conversation, the actor mentioned she had a good story about her role in Doctor Strange. Unfortunately, thanks to Marvel’s deadly serious non-disclosure agreements, she wasn’t really allowed to say anything about it at the time. But she promised us that once she was permitted, she would give The A.V. Club the inside story or what did—or, more accurately, didn’t—end up happening with her role in in the Marvel movie. We got in touch with her this past week, and she finally revealed all the glamorous details about her performance in the no-doubt blockbuster film.

Amy Landecker: I have to preface this by saying I was at an event and someone said that I was in the credits. So, it’s possible that I’m still in this film. But …

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