Newswire: American Horror Story will eventually do a Murder House/Coven crossover season

For a few seasons, American Horror Story has flirted with the idea that all of its seasons exist within the same universe, which is to say that it’s theoretically possible to chart a timeline from one to the others whether or not they explicitly share any of the same characters or elements. This has really been more about fan-service than anything, but it’s still fun on the rare occasion when a familiar actor turns up in a familiar role. Soon, though, American Horror Story mastermind Ryan Murphy is going to stop screwing around and just make a straight-up crossover season.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Murphy responded to a question about revisiting the setting from the Coven season by revealing that he’s actually going to combine it and the Murder House season into something “very bizarre.” He then clarified that he specifically means characters from Murder House will …

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