Newswire: American Crime showrunner casts André 3000, says something stupid about sexual assault

André Benjamin—still probably best known as OutKast’s André 3000—has been cast as one of the leads in the second season of ABC’s well-regarded anthology series American Crime. Alongside Regina King, Benjamin will play the parent of a high school student accused of sexually assaulting one of his classmates. Benjamin, whose acting resume includes small roles on The Shield and in Will Ferrell’s Semi-Pro, previously starred in American Crime showrunner John Ridley’s Jimi Hendrix biopic Jimi: All Is By My Side.

Talking to Variety, Ridley praised Benjamin’s acting, saying, “Working with André changed my life, personally and professionally,” citing All Is By My Side as the reason he was allowed to work on American Crime. After lavishing praise on his new star, Ridley went on to disclose some details about the upcoming season, including the crime operating at the center of its continuing examination …

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