Newswire: America is tired of playing with Transformers

Michael Bay is tired of making Transformers movies, Mark Wahlberg is tired of making Transformers movies, and even Hasbro probably wouldn’t mind trying to make a Nerf or Hungry Hungry Hippos movie instead. But it looks like the movie-going people of America might be more tired of Transformers movies than all of them. According to Variety, the latest film in Bay’s seemingly endless series, The Last Knight, had the worst box-office opening in franchise history.

The Last Knight made $15.7 million in its opening on Wednesday, and while that may still seem like a lot of money, it’s not even a tenth of the film’s $217 million production costs. As for the other Transformers movies, the 2007 original made $36.6 million on opening day, Revenge Of The Fallen made $62 million, Dark Of The Moon made $37.7, and the recent Age Of Extinction …

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