Newswire: America Ferrera thanks Donald Trump for his idiocy, as do we all

As much fun as it is to rake legitimate presidential candidate and amateur sexual assault philosopher Donald Trump over the coals—for his terrible opinions, for his pathological need for attention, for his Oompa-Loompa-esque complexion—it’s also important to take a look at all the accidental good he’s brought into the world. For example, think back on the time that Last Week Tonights John Oliver went after Trump’s Miss America pageants, resulting in boosted donations to charities for women’s education, or any of the hundreds of nights when Apprentice-induced boredom caused a couple to turn their TV off and reconnect, rekindling a withered love. As per a recent Huffington Post article by actress America Ferrera, Donald Trump is the master of motivating good things to happen out of spite, an inspirational figure capable of amazing inadvertent good. In the essay, “Thank You, Donald Trump …

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