Newswire: AMC wanted to make a spinoff about Peggy from Mad Men

When it was first announced, AMC’s Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul smelled like a desperate move, a Hail Mary pass to keep one of the network’s most important franchisesand its guiding light, showrunner Vince Gilliganin the fold. The show’s critical and commercial success seems to have vindicated the spinoff strategy, though, for a network whose prestige and popularity has become largely predicated on a trio of aging TV juggernauts. The second of those, The Walking Dead, has its own spinoff in the works, with a focus on Los Angeles and all the sexy zombies who inhabit it. And now it turns out that not even Mad Men, AMC’s dignified aging statesman, was always immune to the spinoff’s siren call.

As revealed in an extensive oral history published by The Hollywood Reporter in celebration of the show’s upcoming finale, there was a …

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