Newswire: AMC to honor Mad Men finale with series marathon, silencing sister networks

To prepare for Don Draper’s final cartoon leap out of a NYC skyscraper, AMC is airing a marathon of the complete Mad Men series, starting with season one’s “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” at 6PM on Wednesday, and concluding with last week’s “The Milk and Honey Route” right before the finale. AMC is also taking a page from the show’s patriarchal power dynamic by stepping on the necks of its sister networks—when the finale “Person To Person” airs on Sunday, BBC America, IFC, SundanceTV, and We TV will all be airing a “special message.” AMC is being vague about what that message is, but it could either be a dark screen with instructions admonishing you to switch over to AMC’s Mad Men, a 75-minute loop of Pete Campbell telling Bob how he’s doing, or a 1984 rerun of your local PBS affiliate’s …

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